Zoé Kézako

Animated TV series

26 x 13′


With her very own bee pullover, red dress and blue sneakers she cherishes so much, irreverent but warm-hearted 8 year-old Zoé takes you through her daily ups and downs. Every story is a lesson in life helping her grow-up from her mistakes, But all in all Life is really cool, after all!…Says Zoe.


Beyond its visual freshness and the subtle way in which the stories are told make it a very original series. No major themes are addressed, just day-to-day pre-schooler’s issues, such as How to handle a Zero in dictation or who should be invited to one’s very first party? Zoé is very good at making a big thing out of life’s littlest moments, but she can also be relied upon to turn bad into good, and to get herself out of even the worst situations!

The TV series won some international awards as the Pucinella Awards ( Best Children TV series and Best Character) at Cartoons on th eBay in 2004. It was also nominated for the International Emmy Awards in New York next year.

Based on te books by Véronique Saüquère

Direction Fabrice Fouquet

Production TeamTO

In coproduction with TF1 and TéléTOON+

Broadcast and partners

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