Animated TV series

26 x 13’



A long time ago… before the age of humans… and before Tuesday… animals were able to fly. Every animal. Whether they had wings or not. Pigs. Hippos. Baboons. Turtles. Beavers. They could all soar across the Atlantic. Jet over the Pyrenees. Don’t believe it? Then watch HAREPORT.

Hare brothers Ned and Fred can fly too. They just don’t have the grace most airborne animals have. Actually, Ned and Fred are a menace to the skies. So upon request from  their friends, the brothers do the next best thing to flying.
They run a Hareport! A place where all travelers can land, rest and refuel with some food.


Directed by

Jan Bultheel et Fabrice Fouquet


TeamTO – Vivi Film


International sales by Cake Entertainment

Broadcasted on:

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