Plankton Invasion
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Animated series

78 x 7′


There are billions of them and they need more space, meaning more water. Plankton, minuscule marine creatures with a gigantic napoleon complex, are planning to conquer the earth. Three plankton specimen are sent ashore to fight for their species’ supremacy, by any means necessary, within their minuscule means that is. Their mission: warm up the planet, melt down the polar ice, drown all land and… eventually rule the world. Quite a challenge, from a ‘planktonic’ perspective!


PLANKTON INVASION is the first animated series that deals with the serious subject of climate change, through a comedy angle.

For its innovative, non-moralistic and fresh approach on the subject of climate imbalance, the series has received the ‘United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development’ label from UNESCO. Furthermore, PLANKTON INVASION adheres to the guidelines of ECOPROD, a partnership approach whose objective is to make audiovisual and film production more environmentally responsible.

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Based on a concept by Joeri Christiaen

Directed by

Joeri Christiaen, Franz Kirchner, Stéphane Mit,

Alexis Beaumont, Rémi Godin, Chloé Miller,

Dominique Monféry, Olivier Derynck, Lionel Allaix,

Alban Lelièvre, Sébastien Pribile


TeamTO – Vivi Film – TinkertreeCoproduction

Canal + et TéléTOON+

With the support of the “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development” (UNESCO label)

Broadcasters and partners

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