Oscar’s Oasis

Animated series

78 x 7′


OSCAR’S OASIS is a non-verbal animated cartoon series which portrays the adventures of Oscar the Lizard and the Trio (Harchi, Sweety and Burke), whose paths are perpetually crossing.

Lost in the middle of an arid desert, all of them are trying to survive and above all to not die from boredom.

The conditions for survival are therefore : find water, find shade, find something to eat, find something to do!



Part of the episodes are broadcasted in 3D on Netflix US since septembre 2012.


Based on a concept by

Sung-jai Ahn, Kyu-Jin Lee, Tae sik Shin et Min-u Kim

Directed by


Arthur Qwak, Tae Sik Shin, Joeri Christiaen, Frédéric Martin,

Fabrice Fouquet, Stéphane Mit, Yoshimichi Tamura,

Geoffroy De Crécy, Lionel Allaix, Marco Allard,

Dominique Debar et Olivier Derynck


TeamTO – Tuba Entertainment



TF1 et Cake Entertainment

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