The Artificials

Hybrid feature-film

Hybrid live and CG animation – SF / Target: Young adults


THE ARTIFICIALS is a science fiction story produced in a hybrid of 3D animation and live images.

The Artificials – androïds created by Dr Ingrid Klaus – are hybrids themselves, with mechanical bodies and a human brain, the perfect mix of neuroscience and robotics.

One of these hybrids is Nova, an Artificial who is fighting with all her power to preserve her last memory as a human … her mad love for Ivan.

Confronted with Nova’s  irreversible brain transplant, Ivan will do whatever it takes to find the woman he loves.

Horrified by the consequences of her scientific experiment, Dr Klaus is finally willing to unveil the secrets of “Operation Artificial” and help the ill-fated lovers find a way to re-unite – beyond the realm of matter, time and space…

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The Artificials is a hybrid film that combines CGI and live action shots. It mixes science fiction and thriller with a love story on an historical panorama angle (blended with uchronia).


Written by

Patricia Valeix and Arthur Qwak

Based on the characters created by

Emmanuel Lepas


Arthur Qwak



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