Animated series

52 x 13′


What if – when not out saving the world – superheroes shared a flat? Despite what you’d think, ordinary domestic life isn’t as easy as it looks for a superhero, especially with extra-ordinary powers – even the simplest things get complicated! See a side of a superhero’s life you never knew existed!



A super comic show of shorts, HeroEek! finally reveals the intimate, hidden lives of our heroes. Lives that are often made super complicated precisely because of their fantastic and extraordinary powers. All that super stuff can really get in the way sometimes.

Behind those masks, gadgets and superpowers, you’re going to find out pretty quickly how hard it is to go shopping when you have to wear a mask or take a shower in full body armor. Heroeek! is going to show you the “other life” of heroes

Developed by Julien Faivre Production TeamTO
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