Snatches of Memories

Biopic feature film

Target: Young adults


«I was 7 or 8 back then, when a travelling movie theatre came into the tiny village where we had taken refuge during the war. A screen built with wood, was set up in the school gymnasium. Everyone rushed in, scrambling to get the best seats. Here I was, most intrigued by the projector at the back of the room, not minding at all where I would be seating. I remember very well remaining in awe, mesmerized by this machine which was eating the reel, image by image, while making these weird sounds. A world of phantasmagorical images, projected afar on this sheet, appearing then disappearing, as if a magician was somewhere pulling the strings. This world of lights seduced me forever. » Rintaro


 TeamTO is working on the adaption of the memoirs of Shigeyuki Hayashi Rintaro, a japanese animation film and series director (Albator, Metropolis…).

Written by

Shigeyuki Hayashi (Rintaro)



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